“Any person acting as pilot-in-command or other required crewmember of an aircraft (except for free balloons, gliders, and ultralights) must hold a current and appropriate medical certificate. This includes student pilots in solo flight as well as private, commercial, and airline pilots.” - FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute

Dr. Jaime A. Castellanos is a designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). Whether you need a First, Second or Third Class Medical Certificate, or are a student Commercial or private pilot, Dr. Castellanos can issue your medical certificate to get you up, up and away ...

Dr. Castellanos is also a board certified Medical Review Officer and has been in private practice as a Family Medicine Physician since 1971. He has been serving the Martin County community for over twenty years and accepts most insurance, including Medicare.

  • As a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, Dr. Castellanos is certified to perform First Class Flight Physicals.
  • He is also a Medical Examiner designated by Transport Canada Aviation.
  • Dr. Castellanos also performs the following physicals:
      US Coast Guard
      Merchant Marine
      SCCA (Sports Car Club of America)

Read more about FAA medical requirements by clicking on the link below:
FAQ Medical Certification of Pilots

Federal Air Regulations must be strictly adhered to. Call now for an appointment. We are as close as your phone and welcome your call.

Most insurance accepted, including medicare.

Convenient location. Less than an hour's drive from Palm Beach International Airport and Melbourne International Airport. Local executive airports are within half an hour or less.


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Office of Aerospace Medicine & Civil Aerospace Medical Institute